Friday, May 25, 2012

Creativity and third series

Creativity and third series:
My new insights and I also remember to have read these two words in combination are, that when starting practicing third series one has to be creative, too. 

I know that I love to learn new poses, but when it's time to practice these first 5 poses of third series I often feel reluctant. They come at the end of first or second series, the available energy is almost used up by then, but then the asanas become again more intensive. It seems to be so difficult. I feel akwardly when I do them. Asanas can only be held very short before I fall out of the asana. How to handle this?
I think another approach is necessary, a more relaxed one, a playful one. Why not doing only preparation asanas on one day? Why not doing an easier form of the asana? Why not imagining it and doing visualization instead? Tiny steps might bring me faster to master the asanas than to have the final goal in mind.
A creative approach might be more fun and that way it might be more likely that I practice these asanas.

The second reason why I think one has to become creative is that it's possible that some poses of this series will never be possible. (I'm not talking about the first 5 asanas here, but about the back bending asanas that will come later.) I remember what M said to me in one of the last classes: "You don't have to be able to do everything. Explore the pose." (mayurasana in this case). When I hear such sentences I feel so happy that I've found such a mature and experienced teacher, who supports me.
I know that more is possible than I ever thought. There are limits and here creativity has it's role. How can I approach these challenging asanas?  Which preparation asanas are helpful? Will I have to do a substitute asana? If yes, which one?

I'm so sure with such a creative approach one day 99% of the asanas are possible.

From now on we're creative. 
(Also on the mat.)

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