Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Clocked. The water is not running off the sink anymore in the kitchen. In the late afternoon we tried to repair it. E was at home today. In vain. This needs to get fixed fast. Tomorrow I'll work on this. It has priority. Everything else comes later. I have to delegate it. All the boxes that I had stored under the sink are wet. I've to buy new ones.

Since I've discovered this electronic clutter on my PC it seems as if I want to fix this problem in one day, even though I know it will take months rather 1 year. Another 10 000 pictures were found. I remember I shoot digitally since 2005. "Is it worth to do it?" E asked me, but I think yes. To delete everything is not the solution. To store everything as it is, is not the solution either. Even if one wants to look at it seldom, I'm sure I won't go through them when I have to go through all the blurry pictures only to find a few gems. I give 5 stars to the really good ones. Probably one wants to see only those later. But also those must be found once at least. I wasted another day with going through my pictures. My enthusiasm for each and every detail of this world knows no limits. So it seems. Food that I've eaten, places that I've seen, my desk, my everything is documented.

To update this flat here IS a project right now. Deadline: end of the year. That the sink is clocked is just a catalysator. There must be flow. Everything seems stuck, because there are still too many items in the way that need attention. It's too much distraction here, that cannot be ignored. Life must become simpler. I don't get lazy to repeat it: simpler, simple, simpler.

Time to bath and to relax. Tomorrow is a new day.

Important: to limit the time for deleting and editing pictures to one hour in the evening when I'm tired already.

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