Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy on vacation.

Oh, what was I busy yesterday. I have a clear vision and a deadline. I want to go through all my pictures in order to delete the blurry ones and awful ones. Yes, awful ones exist, too. I'm down already to 25,140 and I started with more than 26,300. The year 2009 got cleaned, almost. I'm not yet through. The work is deleting pictures, labeling them, editing them. It's important to set a time limit. Next time.
At the end of the year (deadline) I want to have only nice pictures on my PC or pictures that have value for me because they remember me of people or a time I like to get remembered.

I had yoga holidays. Hahaha.......sometimes this is so. When traveling the routines change. It would have been possible to practice, but it didn't happen. And right now, I think it would be great to walk again round the little lake here with E instead of practicing a quick series.
Tomorrow my yoga weak starts again.


Anonymous said...

I'm traveling too, and no yoga practice until this morning. I purchased a yoga mat on this travel while in Austin, Texas for our niece's wedding. Planning to leave the mat here for her to have an extra mat, I thought, I should christen it with one practice. Knowing my "energies" will be in the mat fueled me to have an engaging, concentrated and intense practice. I wish this young newly married couple so very much in love the best fulfillment in their lives, dedicating a practice to them felt so right. It's interesting what can motivate us to practice while out of our routine. I'm so glad I did.

Ursula said...

This is a good idea to have everywhere yoga mats. That way you don't have to carry them around.

A wonderful story. Sometimes it's easier to do something for someone else. Enjoy.

I'll have a home practice tomorrow, hopefully. I'M glad to be at home again.