Saturday, May 26, 2012

The birthday lunch

For me an extra sausage please: Asparagus only.
Yes, I was strong yesterday. We could eat à la carte what is good in general. On the menu was not one meal without meat. I had to discuss my meal. They were flexible and I got asparagus with a salad. I drank water to it and was very happy.  As a starter they offered a soup. Asparagus in  cream sauce. (cream, cream, cream). I gave mine to E, not with the best feelings, as I know it's not good for him to eat two creamy soups. As dessert they had fruit salad with ice cream. (cream cream cream makes us all happy, isn't it?) Dessert and starter was the same for all the 12 guests.

Later we had coffee and cake. Oh, oh, I had 3 pieces of cake, 2 rhubarb and one strawberry. OK, they were tiny.
At night I felt very good, I was even a bit hungry and ate a banana. So it has to be. I enjoyed the lunch and I had nothing to regret.

It's all about the hips. A few hip stories were exchanged. To walk became difficult for many of the guests. Many had artificial hips already. But hip stories were not the only topics. The one man knew a few jokes and we all had to laugh. We also walked around in the wonderful garden behind the hotel.
All guests were friends, no relatives.....:)
G was very tired in the evening and slept in the chair in the living room.

Time for breakfast.
Hips and food can dominate a life. Hahaha......


Anna said...

Is that G in the photo?? If so, she looks astonishing for her age. She has lived through some tumultuous times that's for sure.

Ursula said...

That's me in the photo.
Me too, I've experienced already tumultuous times. LOL.

G doesn't like to be published visible for everybody. I respect this. So it's again me and myself who can be seen......

Anna said...

Oh, I thought it was a younger person... But then I remembered how active and young G was... the hair doesn't look like yours at all!

Yes, Ursula - you've (we've) lived through some times, too!