Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Between 10am and 12am

I called the property management at 8:20am. Ten minutes later I knew the time when the pipe cleaning company will come. In further two hours  my problem will be fixed and the water will run off the sink again. I know I can rely on them. Now I also know that it was good not to go to the Mysore class. Practicing yoga while having chaos at home wouldn't be relaxing. When I'm on the mat I'm usually able to focus on my breath, nevertheless afterwards I'd curse and complain and the issue wouldn't have been fixed yet.

My day starts most prolific. Today I feel like a super manager. Hahahaha........

This flat is a project: I've to delegate a lot here, but a lot I can do on my own or even have to do on my own. This morning I went through parts of my wardrobe. I threw out all the wool rests. Yesterday I also decluttered in the bathroom and I cleaned it. I don't use hair conditioner. I keep it simple with my hair. I wash it daily and the air dries it. I comb it daily, minimum twice, lol. That's it. I don't believe so much in chemistry. I think one has healthy hair if one eats healthy. A conditioner or anything else must have the size that I can throw away the bottle afterwards. Twice a year I go to a hairdresser, a good one. More I don't need. Away with the rest. It's strange how these bottles came into my bathroom.......
I started writing about my flat and soon I write about my hair.
I can brainstorm an hour about my flat. Another activity that is on my list is to buy a new mattress. I searched the internet already this morning. The last mattress accompanied me for decades. I could write a book about this mattress, lol. The world seen from the perspective of my mattress. The idea pleases me.
I know the next one will also be quality thing. But I don't want to live on animal products 8 hours a day minimum. I know that here in the West exist  sleeping concepts. What I want is a hard simple mattress that is good for a few years. And I'd like the shop to take away the old one. I'll go to 2 shops and this is it to acquire expertise and to make a decision.

A tiny bit I worked on my picture archive this morning. But I stopped. I'll work on it in the evening when I'm tired.
- It's important to delete blurry pictures within a week from now on.
- To give the best pictures 5 stars is recommended. That way one can look only at the best pictures. In a few years I'll have more than 100 000 pictures if my passion for photography lasts and it's very likely. I have to organize masses then.
So this morning I found this little picture above that is taken about 5 years ago. It tells me that my work is worth doing otherwise those little gems are lost.

Last Thursday was my last yoga practice. I want to practice today, but after 5 days off, I'll do primary to play it safe. 


Anna said...

Mattresses are on my mind too at the moment. We sleep on a futon but with an ordinary mattress on top. Now, I want to purchase one with only natural and organic materials used. So that the mattress is breathable - I was astonished at how much sweat and mites build up in a mattress. And I don't want it drenched in chemicals (fire retardants, etc).

For vegans, wool or horsehair is not an option. That leaves Latex which is the best but so expensive: these start at £1500! So I am paralysed hahaha.

Ursula said...

I fear that it will be an expensive fun.
Nevertheless, one spends a lot of time horizontal. A good sleep is worth to spend some cash.

Even as a student I bought quality. I don't know what they cost here. I'm still in the exploring phase.

marilyn said...

check out organic futon from