Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being creative.

At a certain point of the Ashtanga yoga practice one has to be creative, because it makes sense. One has to find poses that can be considered as steps towards a pose. Sometimes also the order or the asanas needs to be changed. I'm happy that M has such insights and a lot of ideas.

My practice in Mysore classes:
- I don't do the standing asanas.
- After supta urdhva pada vajrasana I exercise the 5 poses of the third series.
- Then I do the handstands, the last asanas of second series.
- M recommended me to add another pose. It's to do mukta hasta sirsasana A and to go from the backwards, so that the feet will be behind the head on the floor. This shall open the upper back.
- Then I exercise urdhva dhanurasana with all the variations that I usually do. I lift me up from the floor. I cross my arms in front of my chest and bend back and come up three times to get into the correct breathing. Then I drop back against the wall till I feel open enough for dropping back on my mat. Then I usually get an adjustment.

Why all this?
After the 5 asanas of the third series it was almost impossible for me to bend backwards. The asanas of third  (leg behind head in different poses) didn't prepare back bending, exactly the opposite was the case.
That I drop back from mukta hasta sirsasana A is also good. This can take away my fear when I practice pincha mayurasana. I still need the wall.

This is the program for the next months.

Currently I'm reading a rather interesting yoga book: "The Science of Yoga" by William J. Broad. A fellow yogini gave it to me.

Today is my yoga free day.
Happy weekend.

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