Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ashtanga yoga doesn't make addictive

Even my doctor said it: Ashtanga yoga can make addicted.
People think that if one does something daily, it's a sign of addiction. I do many things daily, i.e. I shower on a daily basis and it's not a sign that I'm addicted to showering.
So I DON'T AGREE, Ashtanga yoga doesn't make addictive is my statement today.

Alcohol makes addicted, cigarettes, chocolate. Even some sports might have addictive potential, because the body produces adrenaline.
My body doesn't produce adrenaline when I practice yoga, because the breath gives the rhythm, it's slow and even.

Carrots don't make addictive, strawberries don't make addictive.

I think one feels it. When I open a bag of potato chips, I've difficulties to stop eating. This is not the case when I eat strawberries. Half of a box of strawberries I put back in the refrigerator when I've enough.

It's easier not to practice Ashtanga yoga than to practice. It might become easier to step on the mat with the years. This has different reasons.
- First one has learned methods how to bring oneself to the mat.
- The practice itself becomes easier, so it's easier to start.
- A daily routine helps, too. The body is used to it. Practicing daily is not a sign of addiction!
- One knows that it feels good to practice, this feeling might motivate.
- Being a passionate person helps.

Nevertheless also after almost 10 years, it's easier not to practice than to practice, despite the fun and joy it gives.

Time to step on my mat. It's reasonable to do it, I love to do it. I'm convinced it's the best what I can do now.
It would be easier to go to a café with my kindle and to relax there...........(the best sign that I'm not addictive to Ashtanga yoga).

PS: Just thought that some people always see dangers and issues also such that don't exist. 


Anna said...

Re: addictive/addicted.

You need to turn this phrase around for it to be good English!

Yoga can be addictive
You can be a yoga addict
You can be addicted to yoga

all of these sentences are correct.

Even if you are a yoga addict - nothing wrong with that :-)

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna for the corrections.

I'll check the text and correct it.

Addiction is negative per definition, don't you think so. An addiction is an issue, a passion betters life.

Claudia said...

I agree completely. I brush my teeth every day. I go within, become present with my body and work with it every day. It would be addiction only if it controlled me, which it does not.

Anna said...

Yes, Ursula - I was thinking about addiction and it does have negative connotations - passion is the positive emotion.

Although the phrase "passionate about_____" has become a completely overworked slogan in business.