Friday, May 04, 2012

As if I were a simulator

I myself don't believe it. I feel like new-born. Pain disappeared is it appeared. Fast. Was it that bad that I had to go to the hospital yesterday, I wonder? It was that bad. Somehow unreal now.

If you walk and you fall, do you consider to question walking in general? Nobody does this.
And I don't start questioning Ashtanga yoga in general. Things like this happen. I must have made a wrong movement. I don't believe that something was overstretched, I must have jammed a nerve on both sides of my back.

I've ordered castor oil via amazon. I've heard only best of this oil. It has the potential to relax the muscles, what is always good.

The show can go on.
Today is a rest day and tomorrow I'll take it easy. Yes, I can take it easy. 


gorangosho said...

Wow sexy legs:)

Ursula said...

Yeah, this, too.....:) hahaha....

Ann said...

Ah, I sympathize with your pain and hope it gets better quickly.

Ursula said...

I'm fully recovered, Ann. :)