Friday, May 25, 2012

Arrived in the north of Germany

Almost 5 hours I was in the train yesterday, from 5pm to 9:30pm. E picked me up at Hanover. I saw him already standing on the platform when the train rolled into the station. Ah, he's on time I thought and had to smile. It's a difficult exercise for him. He came from Potsdam that day. We love to see each other again. Also when we haven't seen each other only for a few days, we hug each other as if we haven't seen each other for months.

Half an hour with the car and we arrived at home. G was still up, but tired, so was E and me, too.

In bed E asked me: What do you hear?
Me: There is noise?
He: Yes, it's the train.
Me: How awful.
He: Soon it will be silent again.
Me: But another one will come.
He: Yes in 10 min.
Me: I cannot sleep with this noise.
He: It's wonderful fresh here, don't you think so?
Me: Yes, but the noise. (Ah, he wanted to keep the window open.)
He: You will sleep soon and then you won't hear it anymore.
I knew he will sleep soon and then I'll close the window then. That's what I did. I slept and I'm well-rested, which is a bit of a miracle as the mattress are no more so new. E always sleeps well.

This morning G and I were creative. She showed me two outfits and asked me which one I like more. Quickly I could make a decision. I love uni and rose, too. The green one with the tulips on it was also nice, but yeah, I prefer uni. Then we had to find a scarf. G had a huge box of scarves. Finally we found one. This is surely one of the wonderful sides to be a woman, one can really play with clothes, accessories. One can make a gem out of oneself.

I've also brought a nice dress from Munich, a dress that I've found in Lisbon. It reveals my strong arms.
We convinced E that he would look very handsome with a shirt, much much better than with a black t-shirt.

In one hour we'll have lunch. The weather is excellent. I'm in birthday party mood. We celebrate G's 88th birthday. Wow. Congratulations.

In one hour we'll have lunch.


Anna said...

Happy Birthday to G!

Ursula said...

Thank you, Anna, I'll forward it.