Wednesday, May 02, 2012

..and then it made tuk tuk tuk..... was the exhaust. The lights turned to red and this was it. The engine went off and it was impossible to start it again. The sound when trying to start the engine again told even me, this was a sound nothing moves anymore. We stood in the middle of the street and realized that the old BMW had enough. What to do? We had to push the car to the side. A calm street was on the right. I'm astonished how quickly people appear, people who like to help. A young man asked us: Can I help? He came from nowhere, so it seemed.
This is Germany: There is a sign on the front shield with a phone number of BMW service. We called and within 15 mn a technician arrived. Nothing could be done. The towing service had to be called.
All this was even luck. We had made an excursion to the Tegernsee with E's mother and his brother. It would have been much more inconvenient to have this trouble outside of Munich.

In Munich it was hot.
At the Tegernsee it was cloudy and fresh.

Back to now. It's Wednesday and a yogini has organized a room in a shala. We yoginis can practice together. This is so wonderful. We know we profit from each other when we practice together. Time is limited to 90 min and so I'll practice primary.

My new year has started. I'm full of energy. I've a lot of projects that I want to work on. Good that I feel so powerful today. 

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