Wednesday, May 02, 2012

And how was it today?

If I wouldn't have practiced with the yoginis here, I gave up. It was hard, everything, the asanas and the vinyasas even though I practiced only primary. I practiced without procrastination, nothing was added and I needed 90 min. It would have been good to have a bit more time. We rented the room for 90 min. However. I practiced. It's always good.

It's easier to give  up this intensive yoga practice, than to go on. But it's a thousand times better to do it. I will. As long as I can crawl I'll put my body in asanas and I'll try to connect the asanas with vinyasas.

 Till next Wednesday I'll be on my own. I'll focus on second and third.

The weather is good here. Sunshine. It's time for dresses. Colors. Sandals.

I want to do a lot today, but I'll first nap. 


Quentin said...

Challenging day for my yoga practice, too, recovery still in progress. Left Knee range of motion is increasing, but not able to jump through during primary seated poses, which require bending left knee. Maybe I should jump thru with legs straight? Sun Salutation jump backs and float to front of mat are possible. Knee injuries take a long recovery. Knee was twisted while opening door for students, after a week of overtraining. I should know better, but learning new things while modifying asanas thru recovery.

Ursula said...

Yeah, take care.
Modify your practice if necessary and recover fully, soon. :)