Monday, May 14, 2012

Always the same blues...

I started renewing my oaths when I had difficulties to bind in pashasana this morning. I was glad that M adjusted me on the right side at least. He must have seen me struggling with this pose. Monday is difficult usually these days. The led class is on Saturday afternoon. Then I have dinner with E, and sometimes too much food and wine. One night is only  between two practices. My body feels this.
Just do it, I told me. I focused on my breath.
To do the headstands after the 5 poses of the second series is so much better. It allows me to do urdhva dhanurasana without feeling resistance of the body and the mind.
I had not the courage to drop back from one of the headstands. I'll work on this tomorrow.

My body feels excellent right now. The effort was again worth doing.

I plan my home session: 
I think I'll focus on Advanced A only. Shall it be a more relaxed practice.
Repetition might be good. I'm not able to hold the poses for a long time. Repetition and focusing on the breathing might help.
I'll do preparation asanas. When I start third series after the standing sequence I'll be still fit. To have more energy might help, too.
When I practice third series after second series I reach my limits.

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