Friday, May 04, 2012

Ah, the difference

Ah, the difference to yesterday is like the difference between heaven and hell.
As long as I've to take pain killers I won't put my body in asanas.
Pranayama and meditation is possible. To work on my even breath is a good idea. I'll measure it.

The hot bath was great, too, yesterday. Floating in warm water helps to relax.

What a hell day yesterday.
I try to survive without pills today. If pain returns, I take one of the miracle medicine. Why suffer?


It's a sunny day today. Fantastic.
The day yesterday told me again not to postpone anything, not the tiny things and not the big events in life. From one second to the other it might be possible that nothing is possible anymore.

Pain is part of most lives, not permanently but here and then it's there. Ashtanga yoga teaches techniques how to handle it. To learn how to focus is the method.

Oh my, I was a Himalaya of misery yesterday. 


Garp said...

Ursula, I feel with you!
We are all getting older and our bodies more vulnerable - even if we live healthy and feel good. Therefore better slow down the practice than have to stop it completely one day.
I had a similiar experience in January when the doctor told me that I have a disc prolaps in my neck. Since then many asanas are taboo.

Ursula said...

Pain is obviously part of every life.

I'm sure that those who practice yoga are rather protected to harm themselves than those doing nothing. I do practice carefully as I practice daily with care. I go on like this. Why should I stop. Injuries might happen. Today I feel again like a young God. Hahaha.....but it's true.

Krishna said...


Sorry to hear about ur pain . I hope it is not serious .As a Yoga practitioner I have myself experienced deep pains but never to extent of hospitalization but I do meet students of mine who inspite of regular yoga practice go through such deep pains to the extent they had to see a Doctor .Pain is a good indicator to make some changes to our own yoga routines and I hope u will be able to figure it out how best to alter ur practice without aggravating ur current injury . Take Care .Get well soon .

Ursula said...

Thanks for your comments, Krishna.

Obstacles come, obstacles go.

Have excellent practices yourself.
Cordially greetings.