Thursday, May 31, 2012

After one week....

I was on my mat again this morning. I started sweating after the first surya namaskara B already. This told me something, a week off the mat can be felt. Primary was on the schedule, not one single asana more.

Since concentration is a topic, since concentration gets attention it gets better. No breaks today.
It's so much easier to practice daily. I'm very curious how I'll feel tomorrow. After my sweaty session I took a warm bath to relax. This castor oil is not my thing. It's so thick. I put it on my main muscles today before stepping in the bath tub. It's difficult to remove, it rests on the skin and keeps the skin sticky. OK, now I have it. One must try new things and it shall be good in case of sore muscles. I doubt that I use it again.

It felt as if I awoke from the death people, when I opened my eyes 10 min earlier. The timer woke me up. This early afternoon sleep was necessary after that practice.

Time flies. Still yesterday evening I wanted to write a post about the day, yesterday now. Oh, that was a day. The pipeline cleaning man arrived at 10am. He had equipment to clean the pipe. He too spoke about a heart attack. From one minute to the other the hole is closed and nothing flows anymore. He worked with his machine. Suddenly all the stinky thick broth shot out of the blocked pipeline and flooded my kitchen. What a smell. Quickly I opened the balcony door. The man cleaned, yes, but under the built-in-kitchen was so much more of this dirt. I had to clean it myself, when he had left me after 1 hour. He left me not without giving some tips how to remove the fat dark fluid. This was my job then for I'd say minimum 3 hours. To get the smell out of my nose I used my heavy Indian parfume. It helped.
It had to be done. After this hours of crawling on the floor, I was no more in the mood for a practice. I went downtown instead to take some pictures and to have a late lunch there.

I'm happy that I practiced today, after one week. Tomorrow primary again, so on Sunday. And on Monday I'll be back to second series. Strength and flexibility disappear so quickly. 

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