Monday, April 09, 2012

A wonderful led class

This was a perfect led class this morning. Sometimes the series is a bit modified when bloody beginners are in class i.e. But this morning we did all the asanas of primary. I couldn't have spent my morning in a better way.

The vinyasas need extra attention. For sure. Slowly, slowly I progress. I can enjoy what I'm able to do already.

Tomorrow I want to work on pincha mayurasana. In the middle of the room. :) The thought alone scares me.

This week I'll have one Mysore class and 2 home practices. On Friday we'll fly to Istanbul. On Sunday night I'll be back. My yoga mat will travel with me. One never knows. It can be that I've time enough to practice on Saturday. 


gabriella said...
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Ursula said...

I'm very sorry gabriella, I reread my post and I cannot read at all that I was superior or arrogant with a single word. I simply described that in classes are people who practice longer and others are bloody beginners, means very beginners.The word "bloody" is not deprecative. In German we have the same expression. With not one single word I judged this fact. In the context one can read that we take care of those who are beginners, the led class is modified then.

For me it's not at all frustrating if people are less advanced. I don't struggle with this. I practice alone on my mat and focus on my own practice. I work with myself.
So I read you have an issue with people who are not as good as you are. Please don't make projections. Thank you.