Monday, April 30, 2012

Without embellishment

It was the best what I could do today on my birthday. A yogini organized a yoga room for today. Just before it would have been too late, I threw my yoga clothes in my handbag, I took my thin blue yoga mat and I ran to the shala.

I practiced primary today. Straightforward was my practice. Nothing was omitted, nothing was added. Purity is the word that fits to describe it.

The yoginis and the yogi gave their energy, what a lovely birthday present. It allowed me to be intensive, focused.

I'm a fan of daily life. Why doing anything else today than on other days.

Again I look for a nice quote.......perhaps I find one later........


Ann said...

Happy Birthday!!! We have the same birthday. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine... or even better, if that's possible

Ursula said...

Happy birthday.

Oh yes, everything perfect here.

Ann said...

It's because you practice... and all came. haha! Yoga humor.