Thursday, April 12, 2012

When practicing Ashtanga yoga one is always a beginner

It has to be. The new poses require it. Being able to do forward split is necessary in order to move out of the new poses elegantly. I don't know why, but it is so, the 5 new poses of the third series demand all the remaining energy that is left after one of the first two series, also when I try them after primary.

Speaking from practicing or exercising them would be still too much. I try and lousy attempts is the result. I shooed my expectations to hell. Simply trying it, whatever happens is already good. I need a long breath for those poses. When I write "long" I speak of years.

I don't have to exercise contentment, I am content. I'm so happy  that I can do this, that I can exercises such crazy poses, that my body is so gifted, that I've the time. It fulfills me all with great joy.

When I fall out of a pose, I try it the next time again. And I fell out today.

I know, I know I have to look upwards. Then I fall. This tells me that this bhairavasana is a balancing pose. Lol.

Time to shoot. Hahaha, time to take some picture. Will I capture something interesting?


Anna said...

You have gold!

Ursula said...

I have gold, Anna?
I usually wear silver, but not in the pictures.

Anna said...

I meant that you're content and you have a flexible, healthy body - that's worth all the gold in the world!

Navin Chandra said...

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