Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a luck, to be stuck.

It's indeed a very beautiful hotel where I'm right now. I thought E would sleep already in that huge bed when I return from the bar. A wife's colleague asked me if I want to go out with her. We had an entertaining evening together and I stayed much longer than I thought I would. But no, business dinner last long, even very long. I was the first who was back.

I hope very much that everything goes well tomorrow morning. First I've to go to the flight company at the airport, Turkish airlines. Hahaha, I know now why the plane was almost empty. Wow, was that complicated today. No information was given. Accidentally we learned about the cancelling of the flight.
What a luck that I can sleep in a nice bed tonight instead of lying on a bench at the airport.

Perhaps we come back to that wonderful city. The area that we discovered this time pleased us much more than the area where the tourists are and where the Blue Mosque is.

I'm excited because of tomorrow. I'm always excited when I fly alone. 

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