Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stuck in Istanbul

I'm amazed how calm I became in the last years. Last but not least I experience similar things every day. I plan something and it comes differently. This is true for the small events like cleaning the bathroom or for the big events like exercising pincha mayurasana in the middle of the room. I plan an event, something else happens. Life is not predictable. I love the game to plan and to try to make life predictable, but I'm amused when I get surprised with something else.

It seems now as if I'll fly back tomorrow at 12am. It's of course more comfortable to fly tomorrow than to stay overnight at the airport and to fly at 4:30 something.  Only one seat was left, I learned. E organized it. Different phone calls were necessary. Information given were controversy and in lousy English. Sentences had to be repeated. The taxi driver who was organized by the travel agency was cancelled by phone. It seemed to be impossible to move the pick up to the next day. Hahaha.

Looking into the eyes of the cat I know it has the right attitude: schnurr, schnurr.
It all comes as it has to be.

3 days without yoga. I'll compensate with a good lunch consisting of 3 courses and a glass of red wine. Hahaha.......I must entertain my boyfriend a bit. He is working too much. And now he had this additional troubles with me. Quickly an hour or more passed by.

Turkish Airlines, they are not to blame either. Nobody is to blame........

My suitcase is almost packed. We'll move to the next hotel in an hour. It's on the other side of the street.

Kitty, kitty, gurrh, gurrh, gurrh......

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