Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sometimes life is faster than I'm able to update my blog

Oh, I got a lot of compliments today after the led class. All were wonderful and related to my vinyasas and bandhas.
One fresh yogini said to me: your yoga looks so elegantly.
If this is seen, I'm happy, because this is my intention. :) Elegance!


Kitharo said...

Elegant? That sounds like a real compliment. I think "effortless" is another one... I think if you look like you're trying to hard, it might not be right. Of course you should push yourself, know what I mean, there should be ease and fun with it, too. And I think elegant is really a great compliment :)

By the way: thanks for your recommendation of "Guruji" - like with a twist of fate I walked through my favorite bookstore in the city and they had it, which is really surprising, since neither the English section nor the Yoga section in general are that big. Guess fortune wanted me to buy it :)
Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, like you said. I'm such a nerd, I'm already underlining the parts I like the most haha

Ursula said...

You should have this book. I'm glad that it found you.

Elegant, effortless, yeah if this can be reached it's a wonderful experience.