Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A rainy day

I look at the time on my PC and think "no". What have I done so far?

There is no substitute for the own practice, no matter what it is. Practicing anything turns into life experience.
Brrrhhhhhh, must soon practice. Soon my time to dawdle around will be very limited. Why not still joying the feeling of having time galore?

This morning I almost fell off the chair when I read Q's comment. He wrote that Ashtanga yoga doesn't exercise the upper body. Lol. This might be half true if one exercises only primary. But also here strength in the upper body is needed if one likes to jump through, if one exercises the vinyasas comme il faut. I personally have not found an exercise that's so holistic like Ashtanga yoga. Even the perineum, and the little toes, the pelvic floor are not forgotten.....and of course also not the upper body.

Only one word to weight lifting. It was created to create a what was considered a beautiful male body. This was huge arm muscles, breast muscles, back muscles. The legs were often very thin, underdeveloped. It's not really my taste. The body work is monotone. Weight lifting was not created to keep the body healthy. Most body builders take anabolic substances. "Beauty" was the goal.

Sportive activities have different risks to injure: running is much more dangerous than Ashtanga yoga. Diving might be even more risky. The insurance and health companies do have statistics.

If one likes to run on Monday, to do weight lifting on Tuesday, dancing on Wednesday, Ashtanga yoga on Thursday, swimming on Friday, hatha yoga on Saturday, so please go ahead.

I think it's much more rewarding to get deeper. Focus has different aspects.

Enough is said. I don't dance in every dance hall. I've found what I love and what I consider healthy and exciting for me. It's Ashtanga yoga. It's not such a secret.

Picture: As a lack of models I discovered street photography. Half of the population is making phone calls. The other half is eating or running from one place to the other. Then there is the group who takes pictures.....hahahaha.......
My mother used to say to me: "If you eat while standing you'll get fat legs." Nowadays I think, I give me time to eat. I sit down, I want to have a plate. It's a break and opportunity to practice awareness and to enjoy something delicious, consciously.  


Anna said...

"I don't dance in every dance hall" -- I love that phrase! Is it German? So expressive! And I think you're right about weight-lifting - an abnormal, unhealthy activity that's all about ego in my opinion.

Ursula said...

I think to compare weight lifting with Ashtanga yoga is pure nonsense. I tried to find a metaphor. Then this picture popped up in my mind. It's own creation.
There is the saying translated word by word: One cannot dance on every wedding. This was too heavy for me.

BTW, I don't take D-vitamin. I walk around a lot. Often I get out of the subway at main station and walk home 15 min or so. Whenever possible I try to be in fresh air.

Hands of Eye Massage said...

taking time to stop and smell the flowers is one of lifes greatest pleasures. you might find something new

Quentin said...

your mom is a wise woman. At yoga teacher training in the Ashram, I liked to sit alone and enjoy the scenery.

One of the original Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa teachers who brought the practice to Europe took Sivananda TTC at Sivananda Bahamas, also stayed there with his wife and became the Director of Sivananda Yoga training. While living at the Ashram in the Bahamas for Sivananda, he learned about Ashtanga from a Sivananda Swami from the Yoga Ranch in New YOrk. Needless to say he became fascinated with the awesome practice. He and his wife became Ashtanga legends in Europe and Goa India. He has the most muscular body I have even seen for an Ashtanga yogi, but he originally was a European Football professional who was injured and took up yoga for healing. His wife posted a beautiful video of his practice and the beach. He is Derek Ireland. My Sivananda friends talk highly of him, those that lived there during his time there in the Bahamas. I believe he is an unusual muscular yogi, but he does say he used weights and heavy weighted jackets for his practice, once being injured from a falling weight from the jacket while he doing headstand while watching television during his recovery from surgery. He was born same year as me, but he passed away from an injury incurred operating an outdoor camping stove.

Ursula said...

Thank you for sharing this story, Quentin.