Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once or twice a year....

Once or twice a year I think: What would be if I stopped Ashtanga yoga forever?
Once or twice a year I also think: Ah, now it would be good to smoke a cigarette?

The answer to the first question comes up almost as quick as the question came up. After a few years or perhaps even after a few months I'd feel so lousy that I had to start again moving my body. Then it would be so much harder. Everybody must move in order to feel good, no matter what age. When my grandma was above 90 her doctors gave her exercises. She did them in bed. So I keep going with my beloved Ashtanga yoga practice. I experience this question as a mind game not a real question. Nevertheless if it's there I wonder if I should take it easy what I do. And then it's so much fun again.

I just returned from a Mysore class.
Oh, how I feel good. I'd do everything! to keep up this sophisticated life style. Yes!

Of course I don't start smoking again. Hahaha......

The power of observance: 
Yesterday I was downtown with my camera. I didn't like to take pictures secretly. I felt not so good as a paparazzi of the ordinary people. It was not so easy to ask, but I did it. Again and again. Rejection is part of life, I think I can handle it. With my sweetest smile, I asked several people if I were allowed to take a picture. All people agreed.
Except an old man, all my models changed when they became conscious of my camera. A man showed me a peace sign. Redundant to say that these were not the pictures I liked to have. I had to delete them all. A very beautiful young woman, a sales person, felt flattered, but was shy also at the same time. I like the pictures even though they expressed something else and no more a young person relaxing with a cigarette outside of a shop.
This experience reconciled me with my paparazzi role. It has to be that I take my camera and shoot before asking, if I want to take pictures of life and persons how they are when they don't feel observed.

For those who are interested in my pictures, here is the link to flickr, where I post my portraits (and self-portraits). Feed-back is very welcomed.

Observing has the power to change things. In photography people might get shy or cocky or funny. When I observe my breath it usually gets deeper. Observing is a powerful tool. Right now I straightened my back, because I realized that I sat here sloppily.

The pictures are taken on my way home from yoga.

Time to take a bath. I'll massage my body with an oil by Weleda that I've bought lately. Then I'll nap. I worked hard today during the practice.
My second working part of the day starts after napping.


Anna said...

Weleda's good - Dr Hauschka is best :-)

Ursula said...

I know you're a fan of Dr Hauschka.