Friday, April 06, 2012

On observing

Observing is probably a skill only human animals do it. I cannot imagine that a dog is observing itself while devouring its food.
Observing is a very strong tool. Observe and change. Once I said to my bf that he should bring his attention to his breath. After having said this I realized how his belly moved forwards and backwards. His breath became deeper.

Observing helps to improve the yoga practice. It's also a concentration exercise. No matter if one likes to take pictures, or if one likes to write, being able to observe is a basic skill. It can be improved by exercising it.
1. What helped me to improve this skill is to have first a focus of observation, i.e. the breath, or the face or the dristhi, or the hands, feet......
2. When I plan to write about my observations I'm much more attentive. It can happen that I've nothing to write about it afterwards, but this only means that I forgot to observe. Then I repeat it. Observing is part of the yoga practice.

Observing can be exercised at any given moment:
How does it look like when I prepare my morning coffee? When I want to describe it, I've to observe it first. I love to observe myself when I stroll around. When I do this exercise I walk differently almost at once.
How does it look like when I take a shower, when I eat, when I clean.

Observing is a skill for the mind, that has the potential to improve the practice.

Today is "Karfreitag". I'll practice alone here in the afternoon. In the morning I'll join E to a meeting. I'm flexible.
My practice yesterday was fantastic. I didn't want to leave my mat for breaks. I sweated and I wanted to take advantage from the flexibility that was caused due to this.

Pictures for A: It's the art from the Kunstgießerei. They have a showroom where they exhibit. 


Anna said...

Bronze casts - I love the female figure.

Ursula said...

They have very beautiful objects in the showroom. :)