Sunday, April 29, 2012

On moods.

Yesterday night I was in the mood to read in one of Ramesh Balsekar's books. Just as a reminder. "Let life flow" was the one that I found first on my book shelf.
I found some interesting sentences on mood.
I quote from page xiv: "There is also, scientists contend, a set point for happiness - a genetically determined mood level that the vagaries of life may nudge upward or downward, but only for a while. With time, the grouchy tend to become as cranky as before and the light-hearted, cheery again."

So, nothing to worry about. "Good" or "bad" events simply bring some movement, till life goes on as usual, as predetermined. Hahaha.....

It was a lovely day yesterday. We sat in a beer garden under the shadow of the trees. It was dark when we returned home. See second picture. People were still sitting outside as it was a hot day yesterday and at night it was still warm.

Oh, oh, time to step on my mat, at least for some sun salutations..........

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Lisa Engles said...

Hi Ursula,

I read your latest post "on moods" and I liked it.
I am also a fitness coach (basically yoga).
Will definitely have a look on your youtube videos as well. My channel name is pranayamarunning, if you want to check ;)