Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh, my hips

This morning I felt my hips. It's a new feeling. It was and is as if they are sore. Might be that skandasana was intensive yesterday. Nevertheless, I could practice as usual. The feeling disappeared, only now it returned again.

It was the last practice before a break till the 9th May. M is on vacation. This fact gave me energy, I wanted to have a good "last" practice. Energy reserves could be mobilized.
Tomorrow I respect the day off.

On Sunday I'll practice second series in the morning. Just this. I can work on the asanas that need more attention than just doing it.
On Friday I'll practice primary with hanumanasana as extra.
During the week I'll work on second series and the bit of third.......

I slept when I returned home. How good that I set the alarm clock. I disappeared, I wouldn't have wake up without this alarm. One and a half hour I slept. In Pakistan they nap 4 til 5 hours, I consoled myself and found it harmless that I killed only 90 min.

Just lost another hour, simply with organizing blogs and Google+ and updates I shall perform. I get crazy and the weather is so wonderful. I'd better move out.

Ha, my balcony doors are open. This morning I was already barefoot in my sandals. Summer time has come. Yepeeeee.

BTW, this tree on the picture stands in front of our yoga shala.....:)

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Anna said...

"wouldn't have woken up without..."
Lucky Munich in the sun!