Saturday, April 07, 2012

Nothing is predictable

From one second to the other life can change. Life is not predictable, not re the small plans that we make, not re the whole life. Yesterday an accident happened. It's all OK, nevertheless.......this was not clear in the beginning.
Later we ate outside in a restaurant where mainly students are. The food calmed me.
I took some pictures in the late afternoon and this was it.
It was cold the entire day. And rainy, too.
It was my brothers birthday, I called him in the late afternoon. It pleased him.

Also this morning we've an appointment outside of these walls which makes me move my yoga practice to the afternoon. By then I should be rather flexible, hahaha.....

Yesterday a dear colleague and I made an appointment for a photo shooting. She didn't like to have the shooting in the cemetery, what I regret. More important than my preference for locations is that the model feels well. I offered her another location. The cemetery will be a place for self-portraits. I've no taboo. Nowhere else it becomes so clear that the main gift in life is that we live. One day it will be over, inevitable. All the anger, despair, hopes, tiredness, boredom, pain, but also the joy, greediness, love will disappear one day. Everything will be over one day. To dance between the grave stones to celebrate life can be a picture to remind this.
But death is a taboo. It has positive sides, too. Being conscious about it can give intensity to life. Death can serve as a coach.
I have a lot of ideas also for the new location that came into my mind. I'm excited. I want that she likes the pictures. We'll meet in the morning in 14 days to have soft light.

Time to move on here........

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