Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday, time runs

Yesterday we strolled around in a cemetery. Life is limited. This needn't to be a shocking message. It can intensify life. It helps to make decisions what is important and what not. It's a reminder to enjoy life and to celebrate it. Postponing can mean that something is postponed for too long, because one day it's too late.

The picture reminds me that I've not yet combed my hair. Hahaha........

I'm up early. Soon I'll practice yoga again. What a luxury that I can go to a Mysore class.
Brrhhhhhh, I'm still tired. Words are frozen in the mind. Shall a cold shower wake me up.

A good start for everybody. 


Anna said...

Guten Morgen! Hope all is going well today. I had a Deep Tissue Massage ten days ago and she has hurt my sciatic nerve... so my joints are not flowing but you're right to keep reminding us that it's all a journey. Nothing to get hysterical about :-)

Ursula said...

I had 3 massages in my life from professionals. I don't want to repeat this experience.
Get well soon.