Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's weekend, yoginis

That's how I love the weather. This too must be mentioned. Today I had just left the cosy bed, then I went to my yoga room and opened the balcony doors. The sun is shining, it's warm. I can be barefoot all day long, I can dress my fancy summer clothes. Oh, the birds are singing. It's a summer day here. All the house rats and couch potatoes will come out and they will be dressed much more colorful than in winter time.

We've a guest. E's mother is here. She's 86 and so active. She loves to travel. I made some plans. I think it could be an idea to go to the Schrannenhalle. It became a gourmet temple and who doesn't love to eat high end food. It's nice to stroll around there, also if one doesn't eat.

Today is my yoga free day. I enjoy it. The book by Matthew Sweeney is next to me and I look at the poses to come in anticipation. Ashtanga yoga is so crazy, it fits to me.

Happy weekend to everybody. 


Debb said...

Is E's Mama here perhaps to celebrate a birthday for a very wonderful German beauty??
Love to you dear U...

Ursula said...

Yes, it's a ritual that she's coming at that time. E has had his birthday as well a few days back.

We'll eat out in an Italian restaurant tomorrow. E's brother will come, I'm not sure if I reach B, a friend of mine, whom I feel very close. She's doing a practicum, she is very diligent...:), so she might be busy.

The old widow, the Champagne is already in the will be all perfect as usual.

Much love to you, too.

Emily said...


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