Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm ready for soccer

At home finally after an exciting, wonderful, yet exhausting day.
I was a good salesperson of my own person. I think so. I know how to approach people and I'm approachable. It's interesting to smell the flair of other communities. I met smart, successful people today with high-end education, high-end manners, who even expressed sort of humor.

I walked home after the interview. It was warm today and my suit was too warm for the weather, yet appropriate for the situation. I sweated under the clothes that are sort of business uniform.

If the work starts, it will start at the end of May. Yepeeeee. Then I can celebrate my birthday without the burden of a new job.

I'm ready for soccer now: Champions League.


Globie said...

Hope the job works out.

"Let's go Bayern!"

Ursula said...

Yeah, let's go Bayern!!!!!

Thanks for the good wishes. It would be good, indeed. 6 days of work every won't kill me. :)

Anna said...

Yeah! Madrid or Munich?? Who shall I support? Hmmm, let's see :-)

Ursula said...


Anna said...

Did you break open the Veuve Cliquot? Hurray for you all! But... Chelsea will be tough!

Ursula said...

This is not a Champagne

It was good, wasn't it?