Thursday, April 19, 2012

How I'll practice from now on.

I'm the first who starts with the practice. And I'm one of the last who leaves the field, I mean shala when I go to a Mysore class.

- I practice the surya namaskaras A and B, the standing sequence till after utthita parsvottanasana.
- Then I start with the middle part of second series and 5 poses of the third series are added.
- Then urdhva dhanurasana which is still a challenge for me.
- Then the closing sequence.

Then I'm done. It lasts in sum about 2 and a half hours.

Yesterday M suggested to omit the standing asanas.
Huh, I thought, no standing asanas?
Also in the book by Matthew Sweeney "Astanga yoga as it is", I read on page 14: "The Advanced sequences are sometimes practiced without doing any standing postures. One commences the first Advanced posture (vasisthasana or mula bandhasana) after surya namaskara B. This has some benefits, such as a shorter and sharper practice, though the body is less open to begin with."

In my case I'm very busy with intermediate series. I have to practice all the asanas. To leave out the standing asanas is indeed worth trying as my practice is indeed rather long. This forced me in the last weeks to practice very consequently. But when the feeling comes up that I've to hurry through the practice it's too much. I'm curious how it will feel.

Today is my primary day. I'll practice all the standing asanas, primary and the 5 asanas of third series. I add hanumanasana (forward split). Without being able to do hanumanasana the first asanas of third series are not possible.

Health is important. Being strong, being flexible (body and mind), being able to concentrate and to focus helps to fly through life. It's worth to exercise these skills. It makes life easier.

In Connecticut, USA was an opening of a new Jois shala. A big party was organized what I could see in the pictures on Facebook. Became Ashtanga yoga a mass movement, I wonder? In Germany it's still so that when I mention that I do Ashtanga yoga 99% don't know what it is. This usually provokes me to explain it, lol.
It's obvious: Ashtanga yoga fits to one of the American business concepts: Double it, double it, double it. Ashtanga yoga will become a chain business (franchising). My intellect says that it has advantages when I get around the globe the same food (yoga). On the other hand I'm a bit confused to see this former exotic activity so commercialized. It's like with everything: not everybody will start yoga. To have the possibility is great.


Quentin said...

It is important to not overtrain and risk injury , especially for myself as my body is aging. 60 minutes is enough for me.

Ursula said...

I'm pleased to hear this from you.

Of course, Quentin, I take care...:)

1 hour is not enough. I've developed perseverance....:)
Longer than 2 and a half hour would be too much, too.

Anna said...

Don't forget to write something on your vegan meals site (pour encourager Anna)!

Ursula said...

Anna, I will. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. My vegan blog is indeed neglected. It's spring time, shall it flourish again....:)