Friday, April 13, 2012


Hahaha, my camera captures everything. Yesterday I fell out of the pose bhairavasana several times. Merciless my camera clicked. But the pictures have movement.
Especially the balancing poses require strength. The better the technique is, the less strength is needed. With strength one can compensate a lack of knowing how to do it. Sometimes the body is not yet flexible enough to do the pose correctly.

I get back to the basics: 
Is the breath as it is supposed to be?
Have I engaged the bandhas?
Do I believe that it's possible.

 I only want to use as much strength as necessary, not a bit more. It's all about softness, elegance, being transparent, light, relaxed, openness.

Here is another picture of me, falling out of the pose. happens fast.

Today is travel day. The flight goes at 12. This is very convenient. Nevertheless it's time to start the before travelling routine: showering, eating something that allows me to say politely know to what is offered in the plane those days. I will have to pack my suitcase. My flat shall look in a way that I love to return.

Next post, next practice will be in Istanbul. :) 

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