Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Did I really sleep that long?

I slept about 3 hours in the afternoon. This doesn't convince me. Can it be that these 5 further poses exhaust me that much? I fear it is so. I had slept deeply tonight and I woke up well-rested. The poses go deep and it seems as if my body needs time to integrate them. I still feel as if I need a coffee to wake up. I missed a whole beautiful afternoon. Time is over now, what can I do now? Nothing.

After these deep last poses at the end of my practice, urdhva dhanurasana becomes double difficult. The body is the boss. If the extreme opposite movements are not yet possible I approach them softer. Repetition and perseverance will finally win the race. Injuries caused by greed is what I avoid that way. My focus is breathing, bandhas, drishti, concentration, not dawdling around.

It's Eastern and the yoga plan changes a bit:
Thursday and Friday: primary and third.
Saturday is a day off.
Sunday I'll practice second and the 5 new poses at home
Monday is a led class at 10am.

So, time to move on......


Anna said...

What is Kunstgiesserei?

Ursula said...

"Art casting house" is the translation on

I'll publish some pictures. A picture says more than thousand words. :)