Friday, April 20, 2012

A Champagne day.

First I didn't realize it when I returned home from yoga practice. E was still at home. I suggested it to him. Already yesterday evening he felt ill, a cold. This morning his voice was so rough that it was indeed better to stay in bed. But I know him. He makes it possible to go to work. So, I was surprised to find him at home. He had not yet eaten breakfast. How good, so we could match a common meal.

"For me it's a Champagne day, do you like a glass of Champagne", I asked him.
I was a bit surprised but he wanted it. I've always a Champagne in the fridge for special days. Despite my wine dealer in Berlin I sticked to Veuve Cliquot. "What", he once said to me when I wanted to buy a bottle, "you drink this old widow?" Yes, for me it's the old widow.

After an intensive sweaty yoga practice it goes direct into the blood this bubble water. Ah, so good.
I realized you enjoyed this luxury water, too.

Happy birthday, my sweetie. 

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