Monday, April 23, 2012

Being passionate

Being passionate means to dedicate time and energy to an activity on a daily basis. Otherwise it's killing time. This is OK, too. Not everything needs to become a passion. But if one wants to become good at anything, more commitment than being busy with it once a week, is necessary. If one practices anything 3 times a week it becomes an interest, with 6 times a week you're into it.

This is not only true for body work or Ashtanga yoga. I read some books on photography lately. The recommendation: shoot daily.

Re Ashtanga yoga I see an additional danger. If done only once a week it's much more likely to injure oneself.

Our lives have changed. To many people sit the entire day. To move 2 hours a day is not extreme, but healthy. I think it's true: if we love someone, something, we find time for this person, we find time to do this activity. If not we've excuses why not.
My experience so far is that those who have a rather unhealthy life style are much more prone to tell me I'm extreme than the fellows with a healthy life style.

I'll soon go to a Mysore class and I'll also have time to take pictures, because I love to do both. The sun is out. Perhaps it'll become a bit warmer today. This would be soooooo fantastic as I want to shoot outside.

I enjoyed a healthy breakfast: Half a pear (the other half is for my better half, who is still sleeping), some nuts, a soy yogurt. I had a glass of water and a cup of coffee. With this the first meal of the day is already a healthy one.

I feel still tired. I couldn't sleep in last night. This is sometimes so.

On Saturday I stopped at my Mango dealer's shop to get some fruit.
He: You look so pale.
Me: I don't go in the sun anymore. I love the sun, but I stay in the shadow.
He: We in Pakistan do the same. During lunch time when the sun is very hot, we sleep for 4 or 5 hours.

Me thinking: 4 hours or 5 hours. Lol. And I think it's too much when I stay in bed for 2 hours sometimes. Hahaha........No bad feelings anymore from now on, when I sleep too long. Too long is also relative.

I can imagine myself taking a nap today. :) as long as I need it. 


Anna said...

Do you take Vitamin D supplements? I do - not enough sun here in NW England. We need sun exposure for true health -- despite what sunscreen manufacturers tell us lol. Just think of all those hospitals and doctors decades ago who knew that wheeling patients out into the sun daily healed them more quickly.

Quentin said...

I take algae tablets for calcium and vitamin D. I have skin cancer from too much sun most of my life, but dermatologist healed with chemotherapy cream.

I must say I practice yoga average of 5-6 days per week, too; often adding other forms of exercise. Today was yoga followed by bicycling for 20 minutes. My yoga practice is usually 60 minutes or less. I must be careful not to overtrain for some of my exercise programs do not recommend combining yoga with weight training. I have read recently that yoga should not be practiced day after day, but to alternate yoga practice days. Often I notice body types for various exercise programs and must admit that Yogis have not developed their upper body and are lean, where as weight training combined with cardio develops a more muscular upper body. Having practiced yoga for over 15 years, I believe weight training combined with cardio, stretching, balance workouts are better for the body and health. Cardio, resistance, core, stability and mobility. Ashtanga has some of each, but resistance is that from the body weight only. Of course the most important part of a healthy life is nutrition using a well balanced meal plan and to drink half your weight (lbs) in ounces of water.