Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being aware

Many many people go through life not realizing what's going on right in front of their eyes. I discovered street photography lately as I lack models. So I walk around with my camera and I search people that seem to be interesting for me for a picture. Everything is moving all the time. One must be really fast. There is a great moment, i.e. a man is desperately searching for his cigarettes, in the next moment this moment is over already and he turns his back to me. If I weren't fast I'd missed the situation. A friend lately told me that there are cameras on the market that take pictures already when you lift the camera to capture the otherwise missed moments.
What I see  in the streets are people making phone calls. It seems to me as if half of the population is hanging on the phone. Some are eating or drinking. (Bad habit! hahaha).
Some are also present. Yesterday I took a picture of a man who was standing on a ladder painting the house. First he realized that I took a picture. He asked,  how he could get the pictures. I offered to send them via Email. He had his business card handy and didn't miss to offer his services. The floors here need repairing and it's very likely that he has a new task very soon. And this only because he was present.
Not being present means to miss opportunities.
It can even mean to bring oneself in danger when crossing the street sleepwalking i.e. I wonder why not more accidents happen with all the mentally absent people in the streets.

When I practice yoga I exercise being aware. In Ashtanga yoga we practice with open eyes and we look in a given direction. This is important. Despite open eyes I can feel what's going on inside my body. I've awareness in both directions: inside and outside. Despite directing the eyes to a dirshti it's possible to realize what's going on in a room. Thoughts can be realized, too. Not giving meaning to it, refocusing again and again mentally to the breath is the exercise for the mind. It intensifies the practice and this IS satisfying.

There is time enough for dreaming and drifting away, I think. A dreamer is writing this post. Life becomes richer if the mind can be used in different ways. Consciously.

I was excited yesterday before the Mysore class. To practice pashasana right after the surya namaskaras and to omit the standing asanas is new to me. It shall shorten my long practice. I was not sure if I'd be able to do it. I was. My last too practices were excellent again. Primary gets better and intermediate series, too. It's good that my practice is shorter, a bit more energy is available for the last 5 poses.

It seems so as if I get a new job. Hahahaha. It will be one week every month as an accountant downtown. I think this is OK. This will pay my health insurance which is very expensive here. It's as expensive as a rent. The tax adviser will drive me to the company. Lol. "I get you", he might think. I'm curious about the new people that I'll meet. I also think that my yoga practice, my ability to concentrate will help me to manage the other tasks, too. We shall see. Only change is permanent.

Life is an experiment.
I want to find out what is possible.

Today is my yoga free day. I'll clean and read and walk and take pictures and I'll pamper my ill darling.........I've a lot of fun in life.

PS: Don't clean with high heels. I put them on only because of the picture. 

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