Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At home, how nice.

Oh, yes. I practiced second series today. It was good. My shoulders hurt this morning when I woke up. Perhaps my sleeping position was not the best. Who knows, who cares. My intention was to focus on my breath and not on my shoulder blades.

Three days off influence a practice. Not peak performance was my goal, but concentration. I needed not so many breaks today. This was very good.

Nothing was omitted. Only forward split was added. No asanas of third series was done. This would have been too much, this would have been frustrated me. Back bending was hard enough to bear.

A warm bath should relax my muscles. Afterwards I massaged my body with oil. I'll also take a Magnesium. Good idea.

My diet today:
As breakfast I had half an apple with a soy yogurt and some nuts.
I postponed lunch. I've not yet eaten. I'll give me a red pepper, a tomato and one bread with a vegan spread and mustard. As dessert I'll eat the other half of my morning apple and a soy yogurt.
When I'll still have hunger this evening, I'll eat all the chocolate and marzipan that I've at home. Hahaha, just a joke. Then I'll drink water, or I'll go out to take pictures. I'll focus on anything but not on my hungry stomach.

I'm back. In the meantime my suitcase arrived as well. It came with a yellow sanitary car. I had to go down to pick it up. And I was already happy that they would pose it in front of my door. A yogini is strong I told me all the time while I schlepped the suitcase up to the second floor.

Oh, I only wanted to mention: I'm at home again and it's all perfect as it is.

Time to have lunch. 


Anna said...

That's a really light diet for today - I would call that a semi-fast :-O
Hello, raining and cold here in Liverpool :-(
What did you mean by a yellow 'sanitary car'???

Ursula said...

Ambulance car.
Thank you Anna for asking. Not everything is a similar word in English. I'll correct it.

It's cold here, too. It had minus degrees this morning. It will get better. Hahaha......

Tânia Freire said...

Hi Ursula :)

I've been think about your advice of start writing my blog in Inglish.

Well, i truly adore my mother language so i decided to go international and add a translator to my blog!

Hope now you can enjoy my blog.
The translator isn't perfect but it's still pretty good.

Thanks :)

Ursula said...

Hi Tania Freire,

Try it. It's all about learning and trying new things here online.

I don't want to disappoint you, but I don't think that people translate a page. Nobody has time. To keep people longer than a few seconds on a page is already something.

I'd rather suggest: write some posts in English, some in your mother tongue.

Good luck.