Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arrived without suitcase

I arrived in Munich without my suitcase. Hahaha. In Munich they told me that 60 till 70 suitcases get lost with each flight of Turkish Airlines. This is why I shall not be disappointed when they deliver my suitcase 2 days later. The reason: It was holiday and many Muslims traveled to mekkha. We saw them at the airport in Istanbul. The men had only wrapped a white towel around their bodies!!!. They were barefoot in sandals. The women were dressed in white or black. A lot of hugging happened at the airport. What a picture. No, I haven't taken a picture. I regret this of course. A missed opportunity, nothing more.

I won't describe the chaos in the plane. I don't want to lose my precious time. How can one be so chaotic, I don't get it.

Never ever with Turkish Airlines again if possible. They have a bad reputation also re safety, but now I know why.

Yoga: 3 days no yoga. This was not good, hahaha. I didn't even unpack my yoga mat, not a single attempt to do a sun salutation happened.
Today I'll step on the mat and I'll practice second series. Yoga is a concentration exercise. I'll feel mercy with me if the asanas are not so good today. Mainly I practice, mainly I stay on my mat. I couldn't resist: I checked my weight this morning. Oh, the bakhlavah (a Turkish dessert, so sweet, so sweet) , it's so very good. Perhaps I had too much.

I hope my suitcase is delivered soon. I need my tripod. 


Anna said...

I'm not good with chaos! I need to learn to accept it without stressing as it's getting worse out there - hahaha.

Ursula said...

A trick is to imagine worse things. And it can always be worse. Hahaha.

kathleenjames said...

Hey Ursula, bad experience with you in Turkish airline, but the good things is that you didn’t neglect your yoga routines. You should listen some yoga mantras to come out your mind at this depressing situation.