Monday, April 02, 2012


Practice was very hard this morning. This is so on Mondays when I had an excellent practice in the evening the day before. I'm not sure if this is self-fulfilling prophecy or if it's indeed so.
When I started I knew I'd take it easy today, what can be a challenge, too. I gave 80%, I didn't repeat anything. To enjoy was the only intention. The last 5 asanas were as if I had to climb the Himalaya 5 times under bad weather conditions. 5 times I was on top, I did the first 5 asanas of the third series after second series. I fell out of the last pose and moved on.
I schlepped myself home afterwards. At home I  threw the clothes on the floor and lied on my bed which was still not made as my bf had left the house after me. Naked and in embryo position I slept and recovered. It was much today. It felt not doable, but I did it. These are the ups and downs. One practice can be excellent the other one lousy. I know that this practice today was important. It is always good to practice.

To practice daily is the secret.

Tomorrow I'll practice at home, alone.

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