Tuesday, April 03, 2012

1 hour spring cleaning behind me already

I'm so thankful for everybody who has the courage to give honest feed-back. Critical feed-backs helps often more than admiration and "wow" and "oh" and "ah", "awesome". When I comment like this and I comment like this as well sometimes on pictures I see, I more or less want to say: Yep, I've seen it, it's nice. Perhaps I even hope to get circled back. It's superficial comment, no harm is done. To comment why  I like something means already to look closer to give energy and thoughts to something. I'm interested in someone and his/her work then.
It's my strength that I can accept also critical remarks, I even welcome them. I'm very grateful for the courage and time people give to this. Yesterday a new online contact, whom's picture I like commented on one of my pictures: It would have been better if you stayed at home. Hahaha....I agree 100% that the picture that I published and this was the one I thought was the best of the series was rather for the garbage bin than to decorate my album. Another friend on another page made similar remarks, also with the explanation why the pictures were rather weak.
I don't agree in the matter that I should have stayed at home. The critical remarks came with a reason and I learned a lot:
- Not taking pictures in direct sunlight. It matters. Light is important. Always.
- Preparing a session doesn't guarantee good pictures, but make it more likely.
- Being clear is better than chaotic pictures.
 Not that the contents was so new, but I realized I've knowledge, but I don't apply it sometimes. But this is what counts. Knowledge per se is useless. What insights.

Most people don't know what they don't know.

 Being able to give valuable feed-back (positive or negative) is only possible if one is qualified, however one has gained this qualification. Becoming an expert in whatever requires to have spent time with a matter.

I know I beat around the bush. It's self-imposed censorship?
There is only one teacher in Munich who can teach me something in a positive sense and I've been everywhere. Everything else is negative learning. I'm surrounded with bad examples. LOL. Some are talented, some not. More than half of our yoginis and yogis here call themselves yoga teacher! This is the obstacle. It's surely a challenge to keep on learning and to see oneself realistically.

In the last 2 years, since I've M as a yoga teacher I'v learned a lot. I leaped ahead so to say. I finally got the support that I was yearning for years. What I've learned allows me to practice according my potential. I got closer to my limits (and pushed them).
- That I practice second series now is the surface, but also wonderful and an outer sign of an inner development. Primary improved so much because I practiced second series and not because I repeated, repeated and repeated primary till being bored to death. Only forward bending for a decade is not a balanced practice! Yoga can do harm.
- I was shown how flow looks like. I didn't realize 2 years ago where my breaks were.
- This is perhaps the most important point: I got the tools. I was shown how the elements work together: breath, dristi, asanas, engaging muscles, bandhas, having relaxed body parts and a relaxed mind, basics of the asanas and and and.... This allows me to exercise and practice also alone. It gave me a certain independence. To practice alone is the goal. Outer circumstances shall not be an obstacle to go further. What else could I've wished. Yoga is a path one goes alone.
The list is not complete.

1 hour spring cleaning is behind me. My yoga practice is like a part-time job. Sometimes I think it's a bit much, because everything else is neglected. Then I tame this passion. This means it's not my activity that comes first. When other things are done first I step on my mat much more relaxed.

No matter how my practice will be today, it's worth doing it.....

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