Monday, March 19, 2012

Who and what shall stop me today?

I go with the flow. And yesterday I was supposed to stroll along the Isar with my E. It was wonderful. The first warm sun rays pleased us.

It's nonsense, but it is so: when I have an Ashtanga yoga break of too days I fear the next practice. Hopefully I won't be too stiff I think. Nothing can be held teaches me this lesson. Everything is passing quickly. Today's flexibility is tomorrows stiffness. One can only accept this. I can go to a Mysore class and this helps a lot. Thanks to everybody here who has the energy to move the body to the shala. The last times the shala was crowded on Mondays.

I will focus on the breath and the break between inhaling and exhaling. Don't blend the movements, my Indian pranayama teacher told me. He was right. It takes some time till one realizes if one has reached the limit. This tiny pause between inhaling and exhaling is important. If there is not such a tiny pause the practice looks very sloppy. The mind stops thinking for a while. Clearly the next inhaling or exhaling initiates the next movement.

The break between inhaling and exhaling is it for me today.

A new week has started and it will be an exciting week as far as I can see it. Tomorrow I'll be on the road again. I'll meet E in Madrid. He's on the road already today. Oh, I'll have a very busy day today............

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