Saturday, March 17, 2012

We were out today

My Nikon-devil (with the 50mm lens) hang around my neck when we went out. The sun was shining. We went to the close park, I wanted to show E how they have renovated it and then I saw this girl on that basket ball basket. This is the shot of the day I thought and it is.

I look like the cat who got the the morning I did the chores (3 times my pomodoro timer ran, 3 times I worked concentrated for 25 min to clean my villa motley). Then we, my E and myself, enjoyed the sun and strolling around..........At home again I cooked. My dinner was delicious.  The vegetables with the spices and the Basmati rice warmed me. Everything was perfect. I feel excellent, ladies, gentlemen and the rest.

I'm listening to blues music. Relaxed I am.

Right now I can accept 100% that I've almost ever the feeling that I  want to do more than I've done. It amuses me. That's me, I think. More, more, more. Deeper, deeper, deeper. Sometimes everything is perfect even though imperfect.

As dessert I offered  marzipan dressed in black chocolate. I gave a bit more to my boyfriend. I'm not sure if this was a good deed or a bad deed.

The evening has just started............:)

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