Wednesday, March 28, 2012


First I couldn't sleep in. Too many pictures were still in my mind. Later I had nightmares.
Now I'm not well-rested at all, but tired. Shall it be so. I remember a time where I was tired every day and this was not good at all. Today I can nap one hour in the afternoon if I still feel tired after the Mysore class, which starts an hour earlier today. Lucky me. Tiredness is awful.

I feel my hips. This tells me that the new pose is intensive. I'll practice with double care today.

I got so strong arms and they are still not strong enough. I look like a body builder. My arms were always so thin. Ashtanga yoga exercises all muscles. Nothing is neglected.

Yesterday I opened a flickr account. Chase Jarvis, a photographer suggests a 365 day project, that is to publish every day a picture for learning reasons. I consider to do this. Starting point 1st April. This is not a joke. Then my next year will be full of work that I love. It will keep me so busy. But I love to jump into this visual adventure.

Oh, time to wake up my E, who is still in Oslo. He loves to hear my sweet voice in the morning...:)


Kitharo said...

Welcome back in Germany :) I wish I had time to leave a comment more often, but you know how life goes ;)

First I think you should open that Flickr account - you make great photos and surely will enjoy it!

Second - I loved your travel journey. The weather's fine here, but reading about travelling always awakes my restless side and I wish to travel the world... wouldn't it be fun to be rich enough to travel to all the places we like?

Have a nice evening and a good morning practice :)

Ursula said...

Hi Kitharo...:)

Traveling became more affordable than ever. I think you'll have enough opportunities in life to see many places you like to see.

I opened the flickr account. I heard about a project to publish for one year every day a picture. I consider to start the 1st of April. I'm already nervous. I think this will indeed improve my photography. It will be an intensive learning journey. I'll link once I've started. I want to focus on portraits.

Have a good evening.