Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Till ustrasana

...and closing sequence. This counts as a practice even though this doesn't fully satisfy me. Lol.

What consoles me is that I was busy during the day. Urgent things got done. The bank upgraded online banking. I needed an extra tool. They showed me how to use it. Quickly an hour was gone with commuting time. It's only 10 min away from here, nevertheless. I was too early and had to wait, I had to go back. This all adds up. Those activities cannot be postponed forever.

Chores were done. This is also important.

Now  I'm waiting for E. I suggested to walk to the Greek restaurant to have dinner there. E loves to eat there. We've enough food at home. I did grocery shopping, but I feel like going out.

This evening I'll really take time to appreciate what I have done today even though it cannot be seen, except my pictures that I took, my self-portraits as I lack of models that are available all the time....hahaha....I've grown into both roles with time. I'm model and photographer at the same time. I enjoy both.
This I will do tonight before bedtime, for sure: I'll take my journal and list what I've all done today in order to be content.
How often did my pomodoro, my timer run? It's so helpful. I will use it much more often in the future. This tic tac disturbs me, it gets on my nerves. This is why I don't use it sometimes. I put the timer very far away from where I work. The ring is loud enough to hear it where ever I am in my villa motley. Nevertheless...tic tac tic tac tic tac......brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it's too loud for me.

Tomorrow I will practice primary at home. It will come first. On Friday I'll go to the Mysore class again. Then  I'll be back where I want to be: 2 hours yoga every day in the morning.

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Anna said...

I once made the mistake of using a similar device for my 20-minute meditation. When the buzzer went off it was so loud and unexpected I nearly had a heart attack!