Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring cleaning, the fight against dust and feathers

The fight against dust and feathers can only be won temporarily. If one wants to learn about perseverance, simply observe dust and mess. It returns like the Amen in the church. No mercy. Here I am, it seems to say without making any fuss. Here I am.

I was behind the sofa, behind and between the books, in the drawers. The fancy clothes in the wardrobe are still waiting with fear: Will she love me another year? Or will she toss me? She seems to like space, how awful.

I'm solid. Doing things by halves doesn't satisfy me. Either....or. I look in every corner, every stone must be turned. Only when this is done, I lean back.

Oh no, today I won't cook. We eat cold. Tomatoes, red pepper, vegan spread with mustard.

My project till Eastern: spring cleaning........:) and might it be Sysiphus work, I don't care. It has to be.

What crazy ideas I have on my yoga free days. 


Debb said...

Is there a 'smiling asana' dear, U? That's what I feel after reading this post.. I, too, am armed (with feather duster) and ready to do battle with the dust mite brigade today!!

Ursula said...

Mmmmmm, I feel good.

Cleaning has so much to do with simply doing this task with much energy.

I'm away from smiling on pictures for a while. It's mainly artificial.

I will smile again in words and in pictures and if for you....:)

Parts of the home are clean and it's wonderful. Finally it's rewarding.

Anna said...

Hahah - we and dust and feathers must learn to live in harmony!

Ursula said...

In and out....coming and going.....inhaling and exhaling....