Friday, March 09, 2012

Primary today

This weekend I'll be on the road again. E's brother has his 50th birthday and we're invited. On Saturday we'll meet at my parents home. E will arrive from the north of Germany, me from the South. My E loves the food of my mother, he's a gourmet and my mother a very good cook.
For my yoga practice this means that I won't go to a led class on Sunday. This is why I practice primary today. I'll challenge me here, too. The vinyasas need extra love. It's improving. I practiced primary yesterday at home. Yoga is a concentration exercise and this is indeed the challenge as well when I practice alone.

Another highlight of my day will surely also be that I've a photo session with my friend B. I took some pictures already yesterday. This IS exciting.

Time to move on. The sun is shining. Can it be that spring time is coming? 

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