Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Pashasana: Ah, the feeling is that this pose doesn't improve. Perhaps I'm wrong. Today during Mysore class I got an adjustment here. Quickly I reacted and I changed the hand position. I didn't hook the fingers, but tried to hold the hand from the outside. I was so deep in that pose today. Something IS moving, I thought.

To bring the heels down remains a challenge.

And I didn't like to go to the Mysore class this morning. I pondered to practice at home because I felt still tired as I returned after midnight.
I was in the cinema at night and watched "Shame". Surely a touching movie. It's more about solitude and not so much about sexual obsession in my view, even though one could see enough sex scenes. I thought I must wait till the end of the movie to see the cock of Fassbender. "It's not that long", he said in an interview. "I mean the scene," he added. Yeah, so it was, hahaha.......

I feel good now. I blame my excellent yoga practice for this. I sweated out all my thoughts. Heaviness, cogitating is blown away. In the meantime I know more and more how to approach my limits. This is so great, fucking great. Ah.
We are so many now in class that those who are a bit more advanced are challenged to practice much more independently than it used to be. This is finally the goal to be able to practice alone without props and also without a teacher. It took me some time to gulp this frog even though wished this for M. Whispering campaign worked. He is too good.
It's so comfortable being held in karandavasana. It's so much easier if someone walks my hands to the feet in kapotasana than to do it alone. Good that I still get adjustments, good also that I'm on my own from time to time. That's the path. Finally one has to shine alone.
We have new people here in class which are indeed very needy. They don't know what to do if nobody tells it. Everything must be learned.
One should cultivate self-study right from the beginning on. I did this. I write about it here i.e. Practicing consciousness helps too.

Here is the hand position that shall lead me to hold my wrist finally. The palm looks outside.

Here one can see that I hook my fingers. This is the easy version.

I consider to have lunch outside. Life must be celebrated, isn't it?

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