Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh lala, this was much yesterday

Yesterday 5 asanas of the third series were added. More or less I was able to perform something similar. I was so astonished how much strength I needed. At home again I took a bath. Then I felt like sleeping. I cannot remember anymore when my muscles were sore. Yesterday they were. The practice was so intensive yesterday. To add pose by pose of third series after second series requires more strength than I've thought.

- Primary was mainly forward bending.
- Second series is a rather balanced series with the very advanced back bending asanas.
- As it seems to me by now the third series will challenge me re strength. Especially the upper body needs strength. Strong bandhas are very helpful too for all the balancing asanas. With perseverance most asanas seem to be doable in the long run. (Most, not all. It's always possible to work towards an asana.) The stretching goes a bit deeper in third series, this I had expected.

So yesterday I lied on my bed and was half-dead. It felt good. The body needed this.

That I started with third series motivates me a lot to stick to my vegan life style. I want to have it easy.

My practice plan today: primary and 5 poses of third and hanumanasana.

Ah, as often as people preach it, it won't become truer. Be in the here and now, I read all the time. Nothing else is possible. Life is not a science fiction movie where I can be one hour in the Middle Age and the next hour in 2020. One is always in the here and now, nothing else is possible. It's possible to think of the future and past while I'm in the here, now. To focus the senses on what can be heard now, seen now, felt now is a concentration technique.

Here we are:

I wanted to write about a mental exercise that I remembered: visualization.
Third series is so demanding, I involve my mind to support this adventure.
- Yesterday I watched again the videos of Laruga.
- Later I tried to imagine myself practicing these new asanas. Only what I can imagine can happen. To visualize anything exercises the mind. It focuses the mind, this wild thing.

Time to move on. It seems to become a wonderful day and I want to go out later.

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