Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, good morning....

....I fear I won't manage it to go to the Mysore class today. I will have to practice at home. It's more challenging. This will always be so. I'll practice second series.
On Friday I can go again.

Shall my pomodoro, my timer help me also today to be prolific. So much is to do.
- I don't want to do chores more than 1 hour.
- 2 hours I want to work on my projects (that shall bring money).
- 10 min I want to meditate.
- 1 hour I want to read.
- 25 min I want to improve my English or French.
- 25 min it takes to write my journal (this is very important to me)

This makes in total already 5 hours.

- plus 2 hours Ashtanga yoga makes 7 hours.

I start understanding why I feel so busy.

Yeah, back to routines.
I'm looking forward to today.


gorangosho said...

You 're so hot in your red dress:)…

Ursula said...

Thank you.

Looking forward to the summer....:)

gorangosho said...

You come in Croatia this summer?

Ursula said...

I don't think so. It's a beautiful country for sure.

We don't have any plans by now. So it might be also Croatia. Why not.