Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nightlife in Lisbon

E slept so deeply in the afternoon till the early night, but at 10pm we left the hotel. I was still hungry. I knew where I wanted to go, there where the streets were very narrow and where the tiny restaurants were. I found a nice one on the hill and we could even sit outside. Nightlife starts after 11pm here. People eat that late. Oh, I asked for something vegetable and got a salad with potatoes, all very delicious. Language barriers make it not so easy to explain what I like to have. It turned out that our table neighbors were Germans again, a group of students of architecture with their 2 teachers. "Oh", I said, after I had ordered my dinner, "it's possible to be complicated here." We laughed.

Very good habit to clean the restaurant after work.

With such shoes it's difficult to walk on that uneven pavement. The ladies like those shoes here. They are often much too high to walk, but somehow they manage it. It's really nice to observe people. The Portuguese love fashion, I think so.

Yep, I'm up. It's still before breakfast. 

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