Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnesium and a hot bath

Hahaha......nothing shall be omitted. I exercised second series and 5 more asanas of third series this morning and not only vashistasana and bhairavasana. Strength faded at the end. To hold the asanas for 3 short breaths was my limit. I am challenged. I love it.

It will take 2 more years till I'll feel a certain "yeah, that's it". These new asanas will improve asanas of second series. It goes always a bit further and with this the former asanas become easier.

And what will I do tomorrow? I'll practice primary and the 5 asanas of third series. This is my plan. The split poses will also be part of the practice. I need it now.

Weather is perfect here. Sunshine and spring is in the air.
Water is running in my bath tub. My muscles need this additional relaxation. 


Anna said...

You look lovely in the new banner photograph! I have just started taking Magnesium supplements. Do you take them daily?

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna. I was not sure if I should keep it up as I'm so close. I like the picture, too. :)

I don't take Magnesium regularly, simply because I forget to take it. I want to take it daily with Calcium together. My bf takes it daily. It IS good.

dtw said...

Curious - how does magnesium benefit your practice? I know the role it plays with calcium, but what other ways do you find magnesium helps you?

dtw said...

Curious - what are the benefits of magnesium on its own? Does it help practice?

Ursula said...

It shall be good for the muscles and the heart. It's recommended during stressful times or when drinking alcohol. Calcium is good for the bones.

Sometimes I feel that it's good for my muscles because they are relaxed. This trembling here and then when everything was too much does not come up. This is my experience. To be honest I don't feel it so much. I'm a believer that it's good.